Vision: “From Self Awakening to Global Peace”

Mission: “To usher into a world wherein every individual becomes an embodiment of truth, fraternity, and justice through the eternal science of self-realization – ‘Brahm Gyan’, uprooting in its wake all social evils and threat.”

The main objectives of the organization is World Peace through Self-Realization. Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj, the founder of the organization believes that Peace is not an entity that can be implied from the outside but can be felt and experienced once the dormant soul of an individual is awakened. This also being the essence of all scriptures has been proven to be a remedy that works and has enabled many disciples of different backgrounds all across the globe to be at peace. We believe raising humanity to a higher collective consciousness is the prime key to attaining global peace and a restored society. Enlightened individuals bear the foundation of an ideal society paving the way for emancipation of a restored universe. Through the process of Brahm Gyan Meditation, every individual is able to connect with the source – their soul. The connection with that source enables people to be self reliant, be guided by their inner wisdom and encourages them to perform righteous actions for the betterment of society.

Our Services:

Spiritual Front:

  • Dissemination of Brahm Gyan (Ancient Technique)
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Spiritual Advancement Lectures and Workshops
  • Devotional Concerts

Social Front:

  • Selfless Service
  • Awakening the Youth
  • Women Empowerment
  • De-Addiction Assistance
  • Peer Counseling